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Citizenship at Coca-Cola
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Keeping Our Promise in Asia
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The heart and soul of Coca-ColaŽ has always been the people our business touches.

In Beijing, China, a student from a remote rural village becomes the first person in her family to attend college. A bottling plant in inland Brazil employs state-of-the art water conservation and cuts consumption of this precious resource by almost half. In Turkey, local townspeople and emergency-relief workers recovering from a devastating earthquake receive bottled water, blankets and other supplies from Coca-Cola delivery trucks. A young girl wakes up in an isolated village in the Philippines, dresses, and goes to her brand new, fully equipped school.

In California, a young woman leaves her work in the grape fields to become the first person in her family to attend college, through a Coca-Cola First Generation scholarship. Her dream is to become a Supreme Court justice.

All over the world, we are fortunate to be part of people's lives in many ways every day. The Coca-Cola Company and its local bottling partners do a lot more than simply produce delicious beverages. We help build schools, provide job training in developing communities, and partner with civic organizations to help people bring their dreams to life. Our employees share this commitment to building better communities, and they show it through their volunteerism.

We live, work, and play in communities everywhere, and we believe that our products and our business can help improve the quality of life in the world we share.

In this part of our Web site, you'll find information on different aspects of our commitment to helping build better communities.