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1947 Sprite Boy oil painting
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Magic runs through our rich heritage. View our history timeline.
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Coca-Cola Stories - Read about the special role Coca-Cola has played in people's lives.
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For generations, Coca-ColaŽ has been associated with special times and places and the simple pleasures of everyday life. That's the magic of Coca-Cola.

This magic runs throughout our rich heritage, which continues to fascinate and delight people from all over the world. Each year, over a million people travel thousands of miles to visit The World of Coca-Cola Atlanta. They walk through rooms filled with memorabilia, to hear and see how our Company grew from a wonderful idea into a great business, all around the world.

This magic lives in Coca-Cola collectibles - trays, urns, vintage bottles, mirrors and countless other items - that beautifully tell our story. These unique objects hold interest for anyone who loves Coca-Cola, but they are especially beloved by members of the Coca-Cola Collector's Club, who deepen their bond with us through these icons.

It lives, too, all around us as an inextricable part of the weave of culture, in the movies, the colorful signs and the work of famous artists who have used Coca-Cola in their artwork because it is such a universally recognized symbol of good things. Visit our Heritage Timeline for a glimpse into our history; here we offer a more in-depth look at the cultural phenomenon that is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola, past, present, and future.